A Message from CEO


Every woman pursues beauty forever.

The work of a hairdresser who creates a beautiful woman is a wonderful work with a high degree of social contribution.

However, the work is severe duties, including a problem of hands rough skins behind the light spot, although it is regarded as a fancy job.
Not like skins, it is required to use permanent or hair color lotions for hair not having its’self-replication ability, and a great technique which must be created without damaging the hair is required.

As a result of the revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law several years ago, manufacturers were obliged to display all ingredients in cosmetic product registration as endorsements.
I was doubtful about the credibility of products that displayed only designated ingredients from before, but I was convinced that future products will accept only “genuine-oriented” items that can convey the truth to the users.

That’s the reason why I established BRY Inc. and pursued customer’s hair damage care. BRY will meet the requirements from hairdressers in creating the useful products to keep the world female hair beautiful forever.

BRY Incorporated

Established in July, 2005

President(CEO): Ryozo Nakagami

Business: Hair Care, Skin Care, Cosmetics Supplier

Employee: 17 as of December, 2017

Address: Alcazar 2F, No. 31-5, Yoyogi 3-chome,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053

Tel: 03-3373-7020

Fax: 03-3373-7022