In the ideal area of "Treatment for Design" ... Sustainability that you can feel the impact which customers require. There is a plus sense of design control by a hairdresser as an artist.
"THE · ART" series is a system treatment that controls formative arts.


THE・ART Six Sense 1

6 types of PPT and a new ingredient "Boost type amino acid (PPG - 2 arginine)" improve moisture and elasticity needed for hair, at the same time restore hair void (void injection complex) to promote stability of hair form. (Salon Care)

THE・ART Mixed Media 2

A persistent hair moisturizing type emulsion containing Vinoveil (cationized amphiphilic ester) and "γ-docosalacton" in a highly penetrating liquid crystal emulsified cream demonstrates uniform repairing and high moisturizing effect against damaged hair and healthy hair. (Salon Care)

Gravity Gain 3+/3-

The finish water oil that confines the hair components constructed with Six Sense 1 / Mixed Media 2 inside the hair by the Hydrogen Complex. According to hairstyle and damage level, you can flexibly control the weight of finished texture by using + and - separately. (Salon Care)

THE・ART By Home Care Reboot

Rinsing-type persistent hair repair emulsion that restores the effect of "THE・ART" that was administered at a salon. It exerts high hair repair effect and moisturizing power by one time use. (Home Care)

THE・ART Freak Sleek EX

It is a reaction-type non-rinsing treatment that further increases the effect of "THE・ART" at home. The active ingredients of "THE・ART" 1 and 2 are compounded and replenish moisture to the damaged and moisture-deficient hair. By making hydrophobizing the damaged hair surface to hydrophilic, it confines it inside the hair, reduces the amount of static electricity, suppresses the fryer, moistens and improves slippage. (Home Care)