100% natural ingredients make, natural multicare MACARON BUTTER ORGANIC SOFT WAXA soft balm of 100% naturally derived ingredients that moisturizes the hair.
It is finished in a natural and moisturized styling which is not sticky but smoothly fitting to the hair. It can also be used as a whole-body moisturizing care such as fingertips and lip.



Macaron Butter P

Rose & Geranium

Macaron Butter O

Orange & Ylang-Ylang

Macaron Butter Y

Yuzu & Bergamot

Macaron Butter G

Lime & Juniper

Macaron Butter V

Lavender & Vanilla

Vegetable Vaseline (vegetable oil)

It does not stick like a fiber wax and spreads better than the conventional balm. It adapts like to be absorbed by hair and skin.

Natural vegetable oil

Shea butter, palm oil, mango seed oil, and squalane formulation keeps moisture.


By an antioxidant action, it prevents the oxidation of the natural oil and maintain healthy hair and skin.

Honey Bee Series

Luxurious prescription blending with honey and royal jelly. It is superior in moisture retention,
and having a feeling of high quality with spreading well on the skin and hair and easy-to-use.

Macaron Butter
Honey Bee AB

(Aqua Blue)

Macaron Butter
Honey Bee RP

(Rosso Pink)

Macaron Butter
Honey Bee WB

(Woody Beige)

Vegetable Vaseline(vegetable oil)

Not like a sticky fiber wax, it spreads better than the conventional balm and adapts to hair and skin to be absorbed in.


Antioxidant action prevents oxidation of natural oil.

Fragrance (Essential Oil)

The fragrance recipe is an essential oil with the cooperation of the IFA Certified International Aroma Therapist, and blending the perfect fragrance for relaxation and refreshment.


Take the balm on you hand to draw like a circle with your finger's belly, please melt it in the form of oil with the palm of your hand and then make it fit to the tip of the hair as shown below. You can use the residual balm on your hand as a hand cream without washing away.