Supplement necessary components as necessary. Hair brighter, Style perfect


CODERA Care Groove(Keratin)

It makes the elasticity of the hair strong. The hair treatment agent which shows an immediate repair effect on the high damage hair. Feather Keratin / Keratin (Keratec) / PC peptide are combined. Hydrophobic power is imparted to the high damaged hair to keep elasticity effect.

CODERA Care Groove(Cmc)

It improves the litheness of hair. Hair treating agent for effectively replenishing Cmc. Ceramide 136 II / Trehalose / hydroxyproline mixed. Replenishing it between 1st and 2nd chemical agents of creep permanent makes the sustained effect of wave improve.

CODERA Care Groove(Aqa)

It improves the moist feeling of the hair luster. Hair treatment agent for enhancing moisture retention. Cationized Oligosaccharide / Sorbitol / Water-soluble Lanolin blended. Contains water retention capability for easily dried hair, greatly enhancing gloss and feel of the hair.

CODERA Care Groove(Wave)

To the hair type that perm seems sagging. A hair treating agent for making a sharp ridge. Arginine / keratin / Repagermanium belended. It makes a sharp ridges and more elasticity of the hair on micro-cysteamined hair and soft hair.

CODERA Care Groove(Heat)

Quick-acting hair treatment agent which prevents heat damage during treatment with hot tools. Heat keratin / lipidua / PC peptide compounded.
With supplementing ingredients lost by reducing agents and alkaline agents, resilience and moisturizing power are remarkably recovered.

CODERA Care Groove(Colore)

The color durability of the hair color will be improved. A hair treatment agent to promote fixation of dye. Hematin / Arginine / PC peptide compounded.
It removes remaining hydrogen peroxide to prevent fading and discoloration of the hair color.