Effective time management to be beautiful. Cherishing the process to make it beautiful.
The perm productivity and the salon sales increase can always be achievable.
Time reduction System agent for digital perm.


Digi Clip

Corresponds to M (18 - 20mm) / L (22 - 26mm) / LL (28 - 30mm) Lods
A clip corresponding to a conventional hot digital perm device. By wearing it on the top of the rod it efficiently warms with the power of the steam inside the hair to form a curly gentle hair in a short time.


With low alkali and synergistic effect with DigiClip, it forms a soft, quality and glossy curl hair at a low temperature snd a short time. With the triple lactone agent furnished, it changes the effect of heat damaging the hair to the power of damage repair and finishes it into a beautiful curl. The target hairs are B-healthy hair to damage hair and S-damage hair to high damage hair and the both are single lotion. Second lotion needs two.

Mefarge Protection Drop

Pretreatment agent containing cationized chitosan and cationized keratin PPT, low molecular collagen PPT.

Mefarge Active Booster

It supports all perm-style without damaging hair with non-alkaline prescription. Pretreatment agent containing non-alkaline and cysteamine.

Mefarge Reaction Stopper(Carbonate Spray)

Spray to dissolve 10,000 ppm carbonic acid in water to remove residual alkali to prevent chemical damage caused by the chemical agents. Fullerene is blended at 0.5%, and it removes 40% or more of active oxygen causing hair damage. (No Export)