The demanded now in the times….
A feeling of the firm perm, keeping well the safetyness to the skin, hair and scalp. The luster hair shining forever is a present from the sinter "camellia" of all ages



Shampoo bubbles into hair packs! Glossy amino acid shampoo that gently washes away the scalp dirt and makes your hair to the touch as if it was treated.

ECLAIRER Camelia Essence

Keeping the perm fluffing up and firm perm feeling all day long! Non-rinsing hair oil for styling with the nature camellia oil combination.

ECLAIRER Deep Hair Mask

Hard hair is gathered up just as wanted! A good feeling of finish that styling becomes fun. Hyaluronic acid for hair care not easily washed away by water produces deep moisturizing effect to your hair.

Styling effect

The styling effect of camellia oil creates elasticity in the hair, and reproduces the fluffy feeling of perm style.

Hair care effect

Camellia oil hair care effect creates gloss and moisture in the hair and further protects the hair from damage by ultraviolet rays.

Design Proposal

It prevents adverse effects on chemical reaction due to residual silicon, and creates hair quality which enables you to offer various designs.