Expanding the idea of "color charge" Salon work and home care.
Succeeded emulsification of basic dye of cationic base and nonionic base cream and anion base
cream by our own "ALCE prescription“.
Significant improvement in color control and treatment performance.



Estmare Color Concierge

All 6 Colors (Salon Care)

Estmare Color Concierge

CLEAR (Salon Care)

Platinum Parfait Elle Cream

(The Improvement of Treatment Adsorption Enhancement / Sustainability)
· "γ-docosalacton"

Maintenance Shampoo Light

Preventing browning hair while volume reduction of hard hair or spread hair (Home Care)

Maintenance Shampoo Moist

Preventing browning the color of hair while firmly keeping moisture without losing the bulkyness. (Home Care)

Color Mask

Daily treatments suggesting for prevention of browning of hair or gray hair blur. All 3 colors. (Home Care)

Uniform Fixability

By making it to "anion creaming", it increases the dyeing power from the root to the middle part of the hair and suppresses excessive adsorption to the tip of the hair.

Ion complex

After dyeing, applying "Injection Compressor" realizes additive color, treatment effect and damage hair repair of the hair tip.

Development of Non Diamine Color

By "Mixing" with "Lightner" you will generate "non diamine color". It can also be used for people with diamine allergy.