KERABLOW lotion series gives superb firmness, resilience hair feeling and repair power enabled by liquid crystal keratin.
KERABLOW Hair Care is non-silicone products for keeping the hair beautiful forever.


Lift Up Lotion

A lotion of the hair with straight keratin composition. It leads to the hair with the firmness and resilience feeling by repairing cuticles.

Legend Lift Up Lotion

A repairing lotion of the hair by the power of heat with dryer. It makes the hair repairing with your daily dryer.

Organeeds Lift Up Lotion

Joint development with the first JAS authorization damask rose garden. A lotion of hair which makes you relaxing even in your heart by the improvement of your hair quality, whenever you use it.

Protect Care Protein Shampoo

Protein cleansing to wash hair and a scalp gently by healing skin.

Protect Care Plant Hair Pack

Complete silicon free to finish gathering hair while healing with the fragrance of three natural oils and orange mint.

Executive Foundation Spray

Non-silicon damage care oil spray, first in the hair oil market. Simple oil cares without making hands sticky. (NO EXPORT)