To the upper level shines...
Making a soft and beautiful straightness and your hair becomes ultimately beautiful.


ZENIA Neo AG Stretch EX
1st Lotion

Hair straighteners to straighten a thick and hard hair

ZENIA Neo AG Stretch H
1st Lotion

Hair straightner to make wavy and damage hair to a normal straight hair

ZENIA Neo AG Stretch S
1st Lotion

Hair straightener that makes accumulatively damaged hair to a straight hair

ZENIA Neo AG Stretch EX / H
2nd Lotion

ZENIA Neo AG Stretch common to EX · H - cream type

ZENIA Neo AG Stretch S
2nd Lotion

lotion Type


"Arginine" is a basic amino acid with an electric + charge. It has high affinity with hair and moisturizes hair with excellent moisturizing capacity. Neo AG stretch uses "Arginine" for all products. It suppresses hair damage and realizes uniform reduction without stress.

New idea "polyol prepolymer"

Neo AG stretch microtreatment emulsion emphasizes the quality finish of hair treatment and 1st lotion contains "polyol prepolymer". Shea butter repairs the hair by moisturizing the inside of the hair and the polyol prepolymer coating protects the hair from the outside circumstances.

3 lineup

Neo-arginine stretch has 3 lineup of EX, H and S. By choosing each of the three according to the condition of hair and bed head, the correspondence width in salon work changes. By making S type as 2 agent lotion types, you can use straight to HOT type perm.